I’ve fallen a bit behind with uploading individual posts for each school that has released notifications (which is just about all of them at this point). Eventually, I will do this in order for the sake of next year’s applicants, but the Predictions page is up to date. It looks like we are nearing the end of the cycle.

I encourage those with multiple offers to decline offers as soon as you know you will not attend. Some applicants will inevitably be in the position of not knowing whether they will be accepted off the waitlist until April 15, but we can try to minimize this as much as possible by declining offers promptly.

Best of luck to those still holding out for notifications, and good luck on visits!




Princeton University began releasing acceptances via email today, February 23rd. Congratulations.


Rice University began releasing rejections and wait list decisions on February 23. Best of luck to those still in the running!


An anonymous source informed me that Stanford decisions are unlikely to come out prior to the predicted date (March 5) and that the predicted date is likely to be accurate.




MIT began releasing decisions via phone today, February 22nd. As in previous years, I anticipate that there will be more acceptances going out tomorrow. Congratulations.


The University of Southern California began releasing decisions via phone today, February 22nd. Congratulations.


The University of California, Davis began releasing decisions (at least one reported on the TGC Survey) on February 20th via email. Congratulations.


Cornell University began releasing acceptances and waitlist decisions via email on February 21st. Congratulations.


SUNY Binghamton began releasing decisions on February 18th via email. Congratulations.

Hi all,

An anonymous graduate student contacted me to let me know that the committee at Princeton is meeting next week or the week after to finalize decisions, but does not know how soon after that they will send emails. So, the initial notifications might be sent earlier than expected.